Tips on How You Can Do What You Love and Take Care of Yourself

During the month of July, Dr. Jordan explored five key areas of “loves” such as hiking, playing with the kids, taking a bike ride, swimming, and more. He provided tips on how you can do what you love and take care of yourself in the process. The goal is for EVERYONE to be FREE to do what they LOVE, whatever that may be!

Do you LOVE to hike? And if so, are you FREE to HIKE? Not free as in time, but free to move and free of pain? Hikers often travel with a backpack, and if that backpack is not properly worn and secured, it could cause damage to the neck, shoulders and back. Check out how to properly use a backpack when hiking!

As we continue with our “Free to” series, Dr. Jordan discusses the importance of incorporating the squat into more areas in your life beyond the gym. He offers a simple tip to know how to squat during basic activities to save your low back. And by saving your low back you can remain “FREE to PLAY”.

It’s summer time and it’s time to get into the pool and get your swim on! Whether you are a pro or just get into the pool every now and then, there can be wear and tear on the shoulders. Dr. Jordan highlights a couple of stretches that can help keep you FREE to SWIM.

Did you know that a critical part of being free to run is core strength? Dr. Jordan demonstrates a hard but effective core strengthening exercise that will leave you FREE to RUN.

Wellness Tips

During the month of March we focused on how to Spring Into Wellness. As winter fades away and spring starts to bloom, it is a great time to start preparing our minds and bodies for optimal wellness. We hope you enjoy these tips from Dr. Jordan!

The kick off video for our Spring Into Wellness campaign. Dr. Jordan Mousley shares Wellness Tip #1: Sleep. Check it out to see what you can accomplish with more sleep!

 Our Spring Into Wellness Campaign continues with Tip #2: Water. How much water are you getting in a day? Watch the video for 5 health benefits of water and 1 challenge to improve your water intake.Share with your friends to encourage us all to drink more water.

Here comes Tip #3 of our Spring Into Wellness Campaign: Do what you love! Do you ever say to yourself, “I wish I had time to do?” Take Dr. Jordan’s advice to make time to do what you love to be the best version of yourself.

Overworked muscles lead to fatigue and fatigue leads to injury. Even sitting at a desk all day can overwork certain muscles and ultimately lead to injury. So … take a break and get up and move! Dr. Jordan explains in Wellness Tip #4 why it is so important to take frequent breaks at work. Try it out and see if you have more energy and less pain throughout the day.

In Wellness Tip #5 Dr. Jordan explains the awesome benefits of regular exercise and movement. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but just get up and move!

After a long, cold, winter weekend we all need some Vitamin D! Dr. Jordan describes three health benefits of Vitamin D and how to test for it in tip #6. How do you get your Vitamin D on a regular basis?

Dr. Jordan was bold in tip #7 about the drug we are all taking. That drug is SOCIAL MEDIA. The impact of social media on our health and wellness is astounding (and yes, talking about this on a social media platform is ironic!).

Take the challenge. Set aside 30 minutes, and in those 30 minutes write down every time you have the URGE to check your social media apps. If you are so brave, report back to us how many times you reached for your device.

In our final Spring Into Wellness tip #8 video, Dr. Jordan talks about having a frequency of gratitude. Think about it … when we are having a bad day (emitting “bad day” vibes) more bad things happen. But, if we change the frequency from “bad day” to “I am thankful for” the whole course of our day (or at least our outlook) can change. Give it try … we dare you!