Exercises for Body Pain Relief

Through a series of targeted exercises, Dr. Jordan Mousley demonstrates how best to strengthen and support the low back, neck, lower and upper body.

NOTE: The following exercises should be properly prescribed and monitored by your healthcare provider. These in no way should replace the regular care you receive from your healthcare team.

Back pain at work

The low back, abdomen, buttocks, and hips are all necessary for supporting and stabilizing the spine. We have put together some key exercises to help support the low back.

TLC in the Workplace | Sports Chiropractic of Utah

Neck flexibility and stretching exercises can expand or preserve the range of motion.

Lower Body | Sports Chiropractic of Utah

We have put together some great exercises for developing lowerbody size and strength.

Upper Body | Sports Chiropractic of Utah

The upperbody push and pull muscles equally during the week, with the pectoral muscles as primary movers. These exercises help to strength upper-body muscles with the goal of preventing injury.